The Vacation Rental market is booming with offers these days. How can you be sure you are pricing your Listing properly? How can you be sure you are not leaving any money on the table accepting a reservation on a certain price? 

Fantastic Market Service is utilizing real-time market data to ensure our price adjustments maximize revenue and occupancy for our hosts. We bring the same sophistication utilized by the largest hotels and airlines in the world to the individual Airbnb and vacation rental host. Our software is designed to give us the daily actionable intel to improve your competitive position for the reservations you want.

What the service does

  1. Every day we will collect market data relevant to your listing.
  2. The module will also analyze key metrics of competing listings and nearby hotels for each possible reservations' dates.
  3. Captured metrics include: your ranking, market prices (max, min, average and median) and number of properties available.
  4. We now fine-tune your prices on the basis of actual numbers!

There are similar services offered online, like BeyondPricing. They, alone, charge you 1% of every booking you have. It is a nice perk for FantasticStay Clients to have our service included in the Fantastic Services fee. 

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