As every Fantastic Service - the Guest Communication service switch is located under your Listings settings.

FantasticStay has a big team of very well trained, ex hotel professionals, available for your Guests - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - without any holidays. 

We can take care of the Guest communication whenever it occurs:

  • Airbnb messaging;
  • Text messages/iMessage/WhatsApp or Viber;
  • E-mail
  • and even over the phone

You can choose of the following option:

  1. For us to answer your Guests 24/7;
  2. For us to answer only during your night time in case you would prefer for you to communicate with your Guests mainly; This will be very useful in order to impress your guests while you sleep and not to miss any bookings;
  3. We can provide answers to your guests from Your behalf, i.e. signing as you;
  4. And we can also sign as ourselves. This is the recommended option since our history shows that when the Guests know that there are dedicated people for their inquiries, they are going to be more inclined to ask questions.
  5. To choose whether or not to activate our Phone support feature; For this feature to be activated, you'll need to change your Airbnb phone number as well so all calls come to us;

How would we know the answers to all the questions your Guests might have?

You will need to take your time and fill your Listing FAQ section. When on boarding a new listing with us - you will be asked to provide answers to the basic, most common questions. From that point, if a guest asks something we don't know - we will do our best to find the right answer online, if possible. If that, for any reason, is not possible, we will add a new question to the Listing FAQ. Once we do that you will receive an immediate e-mail notification that we need your assistance and you will be prompted by the system to answer this question. Your answer, as all others, will be saved for future references. Therefore, you will need to answer a question only once.

On what languages will you respond to the Guests?

Our team is consisted from a variety of ex-hotel professionals fluent in couple of languages - English, French, German and Russian.
For all other languages we are using Google Translate as a translation software.

For phone calls - languages depend on agent availability and working hours.

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