As every Fantastic Service - the Reservation Management switch is located under your Listings settings.

Fantastic Reservation Management is our service for accepting or declining guests from your behalf. This service provides great flexibility and lots of options, in order for you to feel safe having someone else taking decisions on guests that come to your properties. 

Our team is highly trained to anticipate all sorts of situations that might come up and based on our experience there are  some default settings, all of which, of course, you can override. 

Our decisions shall be guided by your settings, in order for you to have complete peace of mind.

You can choose the following options and settings:

  1. We can accept only guests with positive reviews. We recommend that we take reservations from non-reviewed users since this will highly increase your occupancy and revenues. 
  2. We can accept guests with fully Verified Airbnb accounts, or not. We highly  recommend not to accept any guests without proper and full verification for Airbnb reservations.
  3. We can prompt your Guest to better understand their motives for coming to your property. This will prevent lots of troubles with party makers. We recommend that option to be 'YES'.
  4. We can ask your each and every Guest to confirm that they've read your House Rules and they will comply with them. We recommend to do that only for guests without any reviews, but you can select All guests.
  5. We can screen your guests for their age and accept only guests above 25 years old. We recommend to accept guests below that age since this will potentially increase your occupancy and revenues.
  • We can accept last minute bookings, and of course - decline them. Again, we recommend this option to be YES, if you are up to the task, since this will potentially lead to higher occupancies and revenues.
  • We oblige by your rules about how far in advance we should accept a booking. Of course, as every other setting - your previous Settings for your Calendar and Pricing are always taken into consideration. We recommend 6 months in advance since that will help us achieve better occupancy rates.
  • If we hesitate for a certain reservation - we can directly decline it, no risks taken or we can always contact you, as you will be the ultimate decision maker for your property. Whether we should directly act or ask you totally depends on your desire - how much involvement would you like to have.
  • If you have additional requirements - we will always follow them very closely. However, we believe the above options are covering the most important aspects of the Guest screening and the overall Reservation Management. Note that every additional requirement lowers your chances of getting more reservations.
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