Insights and reporting are essential to every successful business activity. If you don't have the data, or don't know how to read it, it's very likely you will take bad decisions.

Trust us when we say we understand the above very well.

It won't matter from which platform or from how many accounts your data is coming. We will take it all, assemble it and present it to you in an understandable way.

As every Fantastic Service - the Fantastic Reporting service switch is located under your Listings settings. It can be enabled or disabled on a Listing level.

Our current Reporting Section is divided in two sub-sections:

  • Financial
  • Communication

Your data is always filterable

Financial reporting

  • Revenue for current period
  • Revenue by month & source (Channel)
  • Average time (in days) in advance you accepted bookings
  • The average reservation length (in nights)
  • Average reservation value 
  • Average Guest Count for all your reservations


  • Guest cancellations
  • Host cancellations
  • Your average achieved Nightly rate
  • Your occupancy rate, by month

Communication reporting

We've created Communication reporting in order for you to better understand your Guest communication needs. Reviewing those statistics will clearly show you how much do you need our Guest Communication service and how valuable it would be to you.

We are introduction the following metrics:

  • Incoming messages count for a certain time period
  • Replies send by Us/You for a certain time period
  • Average Incoming messages per reservation
  • Average Replies per reservation
  • Incoming messages by month, historic
  • Replies by month, historic
  • Incoming messages by hour of the day, in percentage, for a certain time period

The Fantastic Reporting service is essential part of our FsApp. We are working constantly on improving it. If you'd need any specific metric, export or Integration with third-party services/app (Applications) - please, feel free to contact us.

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