BEWARE: This will stop the synchronization and open all your calendars as FantasticStay will no longer send availability or rates to your channels.

To manually disconnect FantasticStay from your channels please follow the next steps:


1) Log in to your Airbnb account, then click your profile picture in the top right corner and select Account Settings.
Here you'll have to click Privacy & Sharing and then you'll be able to remove any connected software.

Alternatively, you can just click here (make sure you're visting this link in the same browser where you're logged in in your Airbnb account:


As you may know the connection is at a hotel-level, which means you have to disconnect each of your hotels individually.
To do so just access your extranet (, select your hotel, then click Account > Connected Applications.
From here you just need to hit Deactivate.


If you have an API connection with Homeaway the only way to disconnect FantasticStay is to reach out to the Homeaway support desk and request a disconnection. This is the only way as they need to complete reconfigure your account to restore the original (no channel manager) connection or to switch to another channel manager.


For starters reach out to RentalsUnited and request a disconnection.
If you want you can also change your RentalsUnited password without updating this piece of information in FantasticStay.
As FantastiStay communicates with RU through your login credentials the connection will immediately stop after they're changed.

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