Custom fields are a powerful tool that allows you to create your own dynamic variables. In this article we will cover how to create and how to use the custom fields.

How to create a custom field :

To create a custom field go to Settings->Custom fields and click on Add new in the top right corner.

How to use Listings Custom field :

After you add the Listing custom field you are able to see it in Settings->Custom fields. Clicking on the house button will bring up a new window where you have a field for each of your listings where you can fill in the information. You can use the custom fields for Check-in instructions or door code for example.

When the Listing custom field has been added and the information filled you can start using it in your automations. Simply copy the Placeholder (Custom_field_number) and place it in your automation. The custom field will automatically pull the information for the relevant listing you have already put in, and will send it in the message.

This way instead of having multiple automated messages for each listing you can have one that is using the custom fields. And your guest will always get the right info.

How to use a Reservation custom field :

Reservation custom fields work a bit differently. They are added in the same place, but after they are added you can find them in the Reservation page.

There you are able to fill in the custom field with the relevant information for the Reservation.

For example you can add a custom field named Parking which is an Yes/No option. And when you have confirmation from the guest you can choose the option and everyone from your team will be able to see it, and know whether parking space is needed for the reservation.

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