When the connection between FantasticStay and Booking.com is established, a mapping is created between your existing Standard rate and FantasticStay

The XML rate (mapped rate) is completely managed by your PMS, prices and minimum stay updates are received from FantasticStay and applied to it

Along with the Standard Rate you might have other existing rates on Booking.com. Please be aware of the following:

FantasticStay cannot manage non-XML rates

To avoid issues, we recommend removing any non-XML rate from the connected hotel(s) and use Booking.com Promotions to create alternatives to the Standard rate instead.

By using Booking.com Promotions, you have the possibility to promote an alternative 'rate' to your guests without any risk of issues and conflicts with your FantasticStay settings.

Here are the steps to follow to create a Promotion on Booking.com:

  1. From the top menu go to Booking.com> Promotions

  2. Click on Choose new Promotion and select the type of Promotions desired

  3. Insert the desired discount but always choose Match to selected rate plan(s) for the minimum stay

  4. On the next page, along with your properties, select only the XML rate plan (all the non-XML rates should be previously deleted so the XML ones should be the only ones displayed)

  5. 5. Review and publish your Promotion!

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