As you know, FantasticStay is integrated with Airbnb, Homeaway, Booking and RentalsUnited directly via API, which is the most complete type of connection you can get (instant or almost instant synchronization of reservations, prices, content, etc.).
Whenever an API connection is not possible (wordpress website, minor channel whose API is not supported by FantasticStay), the most typical workaround is to connect via ical instead.
Icals are essentially a basic text file containing all the dates you have available/blocked from the present day (sometimes past too, depending on the ical source) to the future and they're also a great way to ensure a calendar synchronization between different portals, but beware they do not offer a pricing/content synchronization.

Icals work at a property level, so basically each of your FantasticStay listings has one you can export to other portals and likewise each of your listings in FantasticStay has a place where you can import icals of another platform.

-To export the FantasticStay ical to another platform just enter your Listing, then click Calendar, then click the green "Ical" button located on top of your calendar.

In the new window that will pop up, just simply click Copy on the right.

Now your calendar is ready to be exported to whatever channel you want to connect (continue reading below to check where to find icals in all major channels).

-To import an ical to FantasticStay instead, just copy your ical, enter the same Ical section commented above, but this time paste it into "iCal URL", give it a Name, select how often you want FantasticStay to synch it and then click Save.

Here you'll find the tutorial on where to find icals for all major channels:





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