The automated payments section allows you to set up and manage your payments, notifications and payment providers.

To access the Automated Payments, go to the Apps and click on Automated Payments.

Auto payment rules

This is a list of all of your created payment rules with their Name, ID, Type, Scheduled (triggers), Amount, Processor, Notification, Active status and the option to delete the rule.

If you click on the name of the rule, you'll be taken to the Edit rule page.

Add new payment rules

On the right side, you'll see the Add new tab. This will take you to the New Automated Payment Rule page.

Once you are on the New Automated Payment Rule, you'll see all the parameters and fields that you need to fill in to create an automated payment.


The slider turns an automated payment rule ON and OFF. By default this is set to ON - leave it as it is when you want to create a new payment rule.

An automated payment rule that is set to OFF will still be shown in the list of automated payment rules, but it won't be running.

Payment type and charge amount

Here you can choose either Accommodation or Deposit.

By choosing Accommodation that means that it will charge the actual amount for the stay. Then, you can set this to charge the entire unpaid balance or to a custom percent of it.

By choosing Deposit that means that it will lock the charge amount to the entire deposit amount, which must be previously specified in each Listings' settings section.

For the Deposit, you can perform this action:

  • Charge - charges the deposit amount to the customers' payment method


You can execute the payment at the moment of the trigger event or at a specific time after it.

Here's a list of the triggers available for automated payments.

  • New accepted reservation

  • Alteration of reservation

  • Reservation cancellation

  • New inquiry

  • Check in

  • Check out


Here you can add one or more of the 3 filters for the automated payment rule. Using a filter will ensure that the automated payment rule will be executed only if the conditions in the filter are met. Using the drop-down menu you can choose a filter and it will be added to the list below. If you want to add another filter just use the drop-down again. If you want to remove a filter you can do that by clicking the X on the right-hand side of it.

Process via

Choose the payment processor you want to use for this automated payment rule. FantasticStay is seamlessly integrated with Stripe.


Set a notification for this payment rule. You can get a notification on success or failure, only on success, only on failure, or choose to get no notifications at all.

Send Email to

Enter the email address you want to receive the notifications.

Relevant for these listings

Here you can choose the listings that you want the automated payment rule to be relevant for. You can select one or multiple listings and use the search bar to find the ones you need.

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