FantasticStay has a direct interface connection with This allows property managers to have instant synchronization of all of their listings data.

This is a quick guide on how to connect your listings with FantasticStay, so that we can help you manage your reservations, pricing & availability effectively and automatically, increase your occupancy rate and prevent double bookings.

It’s an easy 7 steps process that takes less than 5 minutes. Let’s get started:


The first step from the connection process is to login to your extranet account & go to Connectivity provider (in the Account drop-down list).

STEP 2 (Optional)

If your listings have been managed by another Channel Manager so far, you need to click Deactivate, so you can continue the connection process with FantasticStay.

If you haven’t used another Channel Manager, you’ll be taken directly to the next step.


When you get to this page of the connection process, click the Connect button.


In this step, you need to choose to connect to FantasticStay Channel Manager.

In the search field start typing FantasticStay and it will appear as a choice in the drop-down menu. Select it.


FantasticStay supports a two-way (full) connection. This means that the provider (FantasticStay) processes reservations, rates & availability.

Once you select the integrations, you can select whether you would like or wouldn't like to be connected automatically (check step 7) and click Save.


This step of the connection process is in our hands. Our team needs to confirm to that FantasticStay is ready to activate the connection. (this will happen within 24 hours max, so check back the next day to continue)


You can choose whether to confirm the connection after we have done this from our side, or you can choose the connection to be automatically confirmed from your side. If you choose the second, you will be notified via e-mail as soon as the confirmation from our side is done.

Once the connection is confirmed, your listings become connected to FantasticStay Channel Manager & PMS.

And now what?

To synchronize your listings data and start to manage them from your FantasticStay dashboard, there are 3 additional steps that you need to go through.


Go to the Apps section on your FantasticStay dashboard and open the Booking Channel tab.


From the left-hand side menu, click on Listings mapping and go to input External ID. In this field, you should paste the code from Extranet.

Choose Currency and set Scale price (markup).

You can get your ID by logging into your Extranet and navigating to Property. Depending on your property, you should be able to find it either in the Room details page or Property layout. The unique ID is under each room type.


Click on the Import properties button. From the drop-down menu, you can drag rooms ID's to the right side to match your listings on the left.


Save, and list your properties on from the Listing>Channels section

And that’s all. Congratulations!

IMPORTANT: Once a property is mapped, it cannot be changed (despite the interface allowing this). Any re-mappings must be submitted for manual changes from our team, in order to apply the changes are required: FS listing ID number and room ID to perform the action.

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