A lot of our Property managers like to have different automated messages for Confirmation/Welcome of the reservation and Check-in instructions. Usually you would want to send the Check-in instructions several days before the actual Check-in. This could however cause the message to not be sent on Last minute reservations. For example if a reservation is confirmed 2 days before and the message is set to send 3 days before the message will not send as the time has Past. We suggest that you set up a Last min message for just those cases. This means that some settings on your regular messages need editing as well.

Here is how to best set up the messages :

Regular Confirmation/Welcome message :

Schedule to : 4 days before Check-in/ At new accepted reservation

Filter : Days in Advance is more than 3 days.

This setting will send the message only if the Reservation has been confirmed more than 3 days in advance. You would want to use the same Filter for the Check-in instructions.

Regular Check-in instructions;

Schedule to : 3 days before Check-in

Filter: Days in Advance is more than 3 days.

Now for your Last minute reservations you can make it a single message with both the Confirmation/Welcome and Check-in instructions in the same place or keep it in two separate messages. The settings should be :

Schedule to : At new accepted reservation/ X minutes/Hours after New accepted reservation

Filter: Days in Advance is less than 3.

This Settings will send the message only if the reservation was confirmed 3 days or less before the Check-in day.

Setting up the messages in this way makes sure that you guests will always receive the Check-in instructions, and receive them only once. We have set up the messages in such a way that the Last min, and the Regular message can't be sent to the same guest, because of the Filters. And you have made sure that your guests will always receive the instructions.

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