As you might have noticed, at the moment there is no option to edit your cancellation policy in FantasticStay.
Until this is further implemented this is how you change it across all your channels:

1) Airbnb: Make sure your Airbnb synchronization is set to Limited (only rates and availability synched) for the relevant listing whose cancellation policy needs updating.
To do so, enter your listing and click Channels > Channel settings (on the right in the Airbnb line).

Then check the last field below and make sure it's set to "Sync rates and availability". In case it's not just set it up and click Save & Close.
Do note that if you're currently using a Full synch (Sync all), you can switch back after updating your cancellation policy, if need be.

Now that you have a Limited synch you're allowed to edit your cancellation policy directly in Airbnb.
After you're done with that you can switch back to a Full synch, if you wish to do so.

2) This is done manually in their portal at a hotel-level. Access your extranet (, select the hotel you want to change the cancellation policy for, then click Property > Policies.

Here you'll have the option to edit or create a new policy.

3) Homeaway: this is actually doable in FantasticStay and it's pretty straightforward. Just enter your listing, go to Channels and then select Channel settings in the Homeaway section of your listing.

In the expanded view you'll find the cancellation policy in the last field.

Change it accordingly and don't forget to click Save & Close. Done.

4) RentalsUnited: as you know RentalsUnited directly connects to several different channels, and each of them has exclusive policies. To change cancellation policy please reach out to the RentalsUnited support desk and ask to advise the best practice depending on which channels you're using RentalsUnited for.
Some of them might be editable directly in RentalsUnited while some of them may require you to go directly in their own portal.

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