As a property manager eventually you might need to change pictures for your listing, and you may have noticed that currently there is no specific section in FantasticStay for you to change them.

This will change soon as a dedicated section just for pictures is in the works, but until then we've got you covered.

Here are the steps to update pictures in FantasticStay:

1. Make sure your Airbnb synchronization is set to Limited (only rates and availability synched) for the relevant listing whose pictures need updating.
To do so, enter your listing and click Channels > Channel settings (on the right in the Airbnb line).

Then check the last field below and make sure it's set to "Sync rates and availability". In case it's not just set it up and click Save & Close.
Do note that if you're currently using a Full synch (Sync all), you can switch back after updating them, if need be.

2. Now that you have a Limited synch you're free to edit pictures manually in Airbnb, so go ahead and edit away.

3. Now you have correctly modified your pictures in Airbnb, and it's time for FantasticStay to pull them. Enter again your listing in FantasticStay, Channels > Pull info from channel.

Once the operation has been completed FantasticStay will pull all your new pictures and update them accordingly.

4. Done! Now that your new pictures are in FantasticStay they'll be updated in all your API-connected channels (this can take up to 24 hours for Homeaway and a few hours for Booking).

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