The Listings section provides you with the opportunity to keep track of your monthly revenue, occupancy rate, and average nightly rate. You have direct access to your listing calendar, the reservations for the given property, automation, settings, and marketing.

Overview of the Listings section

This is the main overview of ALL your listings. You can filter them, add columns with information, export and create custom views.

You can have:

  1. Listing report based on your view preference

  2. Filters

  3. Custom views, create, edit

  4. Export the view in a csv format

Listing profile

When you click on a listing, the main listing profile will open.

At the top left corner, you have a resume of your listing with the list of tags assigned to it.

Below, you can see all the sections available for your property :

  1. Overview (dashboard resuming listing's performance)

  2. Calendar (individual calendar for that specific property)

  3. Marketing (where you can configure description, amenities, and details about your property)

  4. FAQs (is used to configure common questions/answers about your properties)

  5. Automations (Listing's Auto task, Automated messages, and payments, Smart calendar rules )

  6. Management Services (Main and emergency contact, access to a range of management services FS can provide for you)

  7. Channels (Access to connected channels' specific settings)

  8. Settings (to set up tags, custom fields, pricing, saved replies)

  9. Help section (Access to FS documentation)

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