Upon accessing the calendar for a specific listing, you are able to see the monthly revenue for the given listing, it's occupancy, and its average nightly rate at the top of the page as per the example below:

If you have set specific revenue targets from the Management Services menu on the left-hand side for the listing, they will appear at the top of your Calendar page

Does monthly revenue reflect on reservations booked?

While the occupancy percentage is determined by the actual number of nights that your guests have spent over the month, bear in mind that the revenue is also comprised of the money you have received from cancelled reservations for which your clients have already been charged a partial deposit or the full amount of the booking.

Right below the revenue's boxes, you have access to the:

Calendar Log

This log keeps track of all the updates made to the status and prices of various dates within the month.


This feature lets you import and export calendars links. You can choose to have your calendars sync as often as every 10 minutes or only once per day.

Custom Stay Rules

If you wish to set a minimum number of nights per booking, be it for every weekend, as a one-time thing, or on a permanent basis, this feature will let you do that. Read this article to find out how to set up a minimum night stay rule.

New Reservation

This option allows you to manually add a reservation to your listing's calendar, provided you have access to all the guest information required.

By clicking on any of the dates on the monthly calendar of the listing you can also change the booking prices for said dates or close them if they're not going to be available to guests.

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