The MultiCalendar allows you to have a direct, centralized view of all of your reservations no matter the channel they are coming from. From here, you can easily adjust pricing and availability, search for available dates, create manual reservations or quickly view information about an existing reservation.

Overview of the MultiCalendar section

Upon opening the MultiCalendar section, you're facing all of the most important information about your listings and reservations.

The Find Availability button is another powerful feature of the MultiCalendar. It gives you the opportunity to run a quick search to find availability that will suit your potential guests and accept direct bookings. To do that, go to the MultiCalendar section, click on the Find Availability button and perform the search.

MultiCalendar also allows you to:

  1. Filter by city

  2. Filter by tags

  3. Select a month

  4. Find availability for a certain period

  5. See detailed information for each reservation

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