Depending on the reservation source, there are generally three ways to cancel a reservation when you're connected to Fantasticstay:

1) Airbnb - Booking - RentalsUnited: for these channels you ALWAYS have to move and/or cancel reservations directly in their platform. Regardless of the fact you won't find any Cancel button for reservations coming from these channels, you always have to manage them in their relevant platform, due to the unique way these channels are implemented.

N.B You must also NEVER move reservations coming from these channels directly in FantasticStay, because:

-it would not work
-it will expose you to overbookings (e.g. if you swtich a reservation directly from FantasticStay your availability in will be doubled for the same dates, as if it was a hotel type of accommodation).

So as a rule of thumb when you're dealing with these 3 platforms please always move (asking your guest to cancel and then rebook another place) and/or cancel reservations directly in their website.

2) Homeaway: for Homeaway instead the only (and correct) way to cancel bookings is directly from FantastiStay. Select your reservation and then hit the red button "Cancel" on the top right of your screen.

In the same fashion you can move reservations across listings through the said options on the right.

3) Direct bookings: since there's no Cancel button for manually-created reservations you can use the "Mark as no show" option in the top right corner.
This will ensure the booking is cleared off your calendar, opening the availability.

In the same fashion you can move it to another listing through the Move button right next to it (see two screenshots above).

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