Dashboard subscriptions are a great way to keep you and your team up to date on the data that matters most. They allow you to send all of the questions on a dashboard via email or Slack. If your FantasticStay Analytics has email or Slack set up, all you need to do is create a dashboard, add subscribers to it, and tell FantasticStay Analytics how often you’d like the send out an update. You can set up as many subscriptions to a dashboard as you like, and if you make any changes to the dashboard, FantasticStay Analytics will update the subscriptions the next time they’re delivered.

Enabling dashboard subscriptions

To enable dashboard subscriptions, your administrators will need to have set up email or Slack for your FantasticStay Analytics . See Setting up email or Setting up Slack.

Setting up a dashboard subscription

To set up a subscription to a dashboard, click on the sharing icon (the one-way arrow) and select Dashboard subscriptions.

Select dashboard subscriptions

FantasticStay Analytics will slide out a sidebar on the right, with an option to set up a subscription via email or Slack:

Set up a dashboard subscription with email or slack

Let’s say we want to email a dashboard. We’ll click on the Email it option in the sidebar, and FantasticStay Analytics will give us some options:

Dashboard subscription email options

Email subscription options

For emails, we can:

  • Add subscribers. Add email addresses to register subscribers.

  • Determine frequency and timing. Tell FantasticStay Analytics how often it should send the dashboard (daily, weekly, or monthly), and what time of day to send the dashboard.

  • Send email now sends an email to all subscribers.

  • Skip updates without results. If there are no results, we can tell FantasticStay Analytics to skip sending the email.

  • Attach results. Tell FantasticStay Analytics if it should also attach results to the email (which will include up to 2000 rows of data). You can choose between CSV and XLSX file formats.

If you’ve added filters to your dashboard and set default values for those filters, FantasticStay Analytics will apply those default values to your subscriptions, filtering the results of all questions that are connected to those filters when the subscriptions are sent. To learn more, check out dashboard filters.

Email example

Example dashboard subscription email

You’ll notice in the email that FantasticStay Analytics excludes any text cards on the dashboard, and that the charts look different - FantasticStay Analytics reformats the charts to make them more legible in email. Additionally, tables that exceed either 10 columns or 20 rows get the rest of their results, up to 2000 rows, included as an attachment.

Slack subscription options

For Slack subscriptions, you can set up a subscription for a channel (like #general), or for a single person via their Slack username.

slack subscription options

You can specify how often FantasticStay Analytics sends a Slack message (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly), and whether to send a message if the dashboard fails to return results.

Adding multiple subscriptions

You can add multiple subscriptions to a single dashboard. To add a subscription, click on the + icon in the dashboard subscription panel.

Deleting a subscription

To remove a subscription from a dashboard, select the subscription you’d like to remove. At the bottom of the sidebar, select Delete this subscription. Follow the instructions on the modal that pops up to confirm you’d like to delete the subscription.

Enterprise Edition: customize filter values for each dashboard subscription

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