User permissions control the level of access that staff and customers have to the platform. You can define which features individual users can and cannot access.

Permissions can be accessed in the following ways:

  • For clients, from the Clients drop-down click Client Management.

  • For team members, from the Team drop-down click Team Permissions.

Team Permissions

Team members have access to all sites in this account and are assigned permissions based on which group you place them in.


Team members will receive communications from Us, such as product release notes.


Team members are organized into groups, and permissions are set at the group level. For your convenience, there are role-based groups with pre-defined permission levels ready to assign your team members to. However, you can always create a new group with a custom set of permissions.

Manage Team Members

To see a list of staff members organized by group, on the top of the Dashboard, click the Team tab, and then click Team Permissions. You can edit a team member's group, or remove a team member.

Add Team Members

Click Add Team Member to add a new team member. Enter the details and select a group for the new staff member.

Create Group

Click the Add Custom Group link to create a new group. Select a group name, color, and permissions then click Create.


If you do not receive emails from Us, please make sure to check your spam folder. If you still do not see the email.

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