Zapier allows you to connect to the different services on Zapier to create automated events. For example, you can send a Slack message when a new comment is added to a site or update Salesforce when a form is submitted on a site. Use the Zapier integration to:

  • Capture lead information on your sites and add to your CRM

  • Create and update content Collections

  • Add site comments to Slack

This is done by creating Zaps. Zaps consist of a trigger and an action. You have the following options:


  • New or Updated Site Comment

  • New Form Response


  • Update Content Library

  • Add Collection Row

  • Publish Post

Create Zaps

To create Zaps:

  1. Navigate to the FantasticStay page in Zapier.

  2. Sign up or login to your Zapier account.

  3. Click Accept Invite and Build a Zap.

  4. Search and select the trigger under When This Happens...

  5. Search and select the action under ...Do This!

  6. Click Make this Zap.

  7. Enter any additional information needed for your Zap, including your API credentials.

  8. (Optional) Test your Zap.

  9. Click Turn Zap On.


Your API user name is different than your account user name. To see your API credentials, on your Dashboard, click White Label, and then click API Access.

For more help creating Zaps, visit the Zapier help center at

  • When using forms in your Zap, make sure the form you want to use has at least one response, otherwise you are not able to select it in Zapier.

  • You can customize messages (such as your Slack message) by adding fields from the Zapier integration:

  • You can also map form fields to rows in your spreadsheet or CRM using the Zapier integration:

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