Creating and exporting custom reports from different FantasticStay's tabs

Creating and exporting custom reports from different FantasticStay's tabs

FantasticStay's Reporting feature allows you to easily create reports on your revenue, properties, etc. In some cases, however, you might need a more customized report, aimed at certain type of information, available in the platform. For this purpose you could use the Export functionality of the grids, displaying the corresponding data.

For example, let's see how to create a custom report, showing all cancelled reservations during this year. To do so, you need to go to the Reservations tab and

1. filter the needed information, using the dropdowns in the left pane.
2. add any additional information that you might need from the Edit Canvas button (see the images below)
3. optionally, you can share the report directly via custom link. Important! Make sure to hide any information that you need to keep private. For example if you create a report for your cleaners (so they know when guests will arrive), remove private data like balance, names, etc. (by using (2) Edit Canvas ), before sharing the link.
4. Export the report in CSV format

The CSV format is universal and can be opened with multiple apps, including MS Excel and Google Sheets.

This approach can be used for getting customized reports for Reservations, Listings, Reviews, Guests, Contacts and Transactions.

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