Custom Views

Custom Views

The possibility to create a vast list of custom views is a great asset, as those help you navigate easier and find what you're looking for way quicker. 

In our system, you can create custom views in the following sections: Reporting, Reservations, Listings, Reviews, Guests, Contacts & Transactions. In each one of these sections, the custom views list is situated at the upper left-hand side corner.

To create a custom view, follow these steps: 
  1. Open the section in which you want to create a view
  2. Click on the list with views in the upper left-hand side corner 
  3. Select Create view at the bottom of the list 
  4. Fill in the details 
  5. Save
Specify criteria column - the criteria by which the information is shown. 
Choose columns - the parts of the information that you would like to see. 
Column order - allows you to arrange the information any way you like. 

In this example is shown how to create a view in the Reporting section, but the exact same process of creating a custom view applies to all other sections where this is possible. 
By clicking on the pencil icon, next to the custom views list, you can update the section view. 

You can export your view into a .csv - just click on the Export button that is just across the views list, on the right-hand side of your screen. 

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