Excel Reservation Import

Excel Reservation Import

FantasticStay offers you the possibility to import a list of reservations from an Excel file

The first step is to prepare your file inserting the following mandatory fields:

  1. Guest name
  2. Check-in
  3. Check-out
  4. Listing title
  5. Source 

The other additional info available for import are:

  1. Channel Commission
  2. Confirmation code
  3. Guest phone
  4. Guest email
  5. Payout price
  6. Base price
  7. Cleaning fee
  8. Tax amount
  9. Adults
  10. Children
  11. Infants
  12. Confirmed at
  13. Refunds
  14. Planned arrival
  15. Planned departure
  16. Notes
  17. Cleaning notes

Please note: for a successful import, it is essential that your Listing titles on the file are matching the title of your Listings on FantasticStay 

You can check here how to export reservations from different channels.

Once your file is ready follow these steps from your FantasticStay account:

  1. Go to  the Apps Center
  2. Select Excel Reservation Import (Migration tab)

3. Upload your file 

5. Choose the matching column for each field

5. Submit

FantasticStay will notify you via email once the import is completed

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