Getting Started with FantasticStay

Getting Started with FantasticStay

FantasticStay is a robust Airbnb and Vacation Rental management platform that helps you manage your channels and listings, optimize your messaging, payments and team and save you time while doing it. We are property managers ourselves and throughout our platform, we have refined every single detail with the best practices in the field in mind.

This article will help you to start using FantasticStay right away and provide the basic knowledge for setting up a new account and making the most of our system.

Overview of articles: 

Account Settings 
  1. How to add your billing details & payment method 
  2. How to choose a default currency 
  3. How to upload an avatar to your account 
  4. How to setup an account timezone
  5. How to setup a date format for your account 
  6. How to add users
Booking Channels 
  1. How to connect your Airbnb account to FantasticStay
  2. How to connect to 
  3. How to connect your FantasticStay account with other Vacation Rental channels 
FantasticStay Features 

  1. How to add tags for inbox messages
  2. How to pre-approve reservation inquiry
  3. How to send Airbnb Special Offer
  4. Dynamic Variables
  1. How to add owner & net revenue formula 
  1. How to change your prices
  2. How to close dates in your calendar 
  1. How to a manual reservation 
  2. How to setup  a minimum night stay rule
  1. Listing's Calendar overview
  2. How to add a listing from Airbnb 
  3. How to mark-up the prices for individual channels
  4. How to add & choose tags 
  5. How to activate the Fantastic services
  6. How to add custom fields to your listings 
  7. How to choose a listing nickname 
  1. How to create an auto message
  2. How to create auto payment
  3. How to activate the answering machine
  4. How to activate the Email Grabber 
  5. How to create an Asana task 
  6. How to use the Check-In form
  1. How to setup Airbnb AutoReviews automation 


Support Add-on 
  1. What's included in the support service add-on

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