How to activate the Email Grabber?

How to activate the Email Grabber?

Email Grabber sends out an automated message after your guest confirms a reservation. You can decide when and what the message says, but make sure to include language that prompts your guest to share his/her real email address. Once your guest responds with an email address, Email Grabber will recognize that email address, scrape it from the message, and save it to the guest’s contact card in FantasticStay.

That way you're able to build yourself a database of your past, current, and future guests and use it for future marketing activities. 

To activate the Email Grabber, follow these steps: 
  1. Go to the Apps section on your FantasticStay dashboard 
  2. Select Email Grabber
  3. Toggle the slider Auto save guest Email to ON 

After that, you can choose the time delay for the message to be send and compose the message body, which supports dynamic variables

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