How to push your new property to your connected channels

How to push your new property to your connected channels

1) Create your property in Airbnb

2) Import your new property to FantasticStay by clicking Apps > Airbnb Upgraded > Upgrade on the relevant Airbnb account from which you created the new listing. After a quick synchronization, your new listing will be imported to FantasticStay.

3) Now you're ready to push it to your other channels. FantasticStay can currently push to and Homeaway. See below how you push to each of them.

Click Apps > > Push listings on the left

Here you just have to select your new property, insert a valid Legal Entity ID (please note this is usually a 5 or 6-digit number generated when you sign your contract with, it is mandatory to push your properties to Booking. If you don't know which one is yours, please reach out to the support desk and ask for it), and then hit Save. Done!


Click Apps > Homeaway and drag your mouse to the cogwheel on the right. Click the "Edit" button which appears upon doing so.

Select your new property from the second option "Integration listings" (remember to keep highlighted your already connected listings).

Click Go to Pricing and then reconfirm your markup and policy (you won't probably have to change anything as this will be the options you already applied when your first Homeaway connection was established) by clicking Save. Done!
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