How to set a specific check-in day for your Listings

How to set a specific check-in day for your Listings

From FantasticStay you have the possibility to sea check-in day restriction for your listings, across your entire calendar or for a specific date range.

Follow the instructions below to restrict your check-in day across the entire calendar for a specific listing:

  1. Select your Listing
  2. Go to Marketing> Check-in 
  3. Select  the weekdays unavailable for check-in 
  4. Save Changes

If you would like to have instead a check-in day restriction for a specific date range only:

  1. Select your Listing
  2. Go to Calendar and click on Custom day Rules
  3. Select Add new rule
  4. Insert the desired date range and the day of the week in which the check-in is allowed
  5. Save

The check-in day restriction will be applied to all the connected channels

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