Reservations history

Reservations history

We know that having your Reservations history is important for many reasons. However, we are limited in what information we receive from the Channels.

We are able to pull your Reservations History for the last 6 months before the connection.
They don't provide us with information about the reservations made before the connection was established.

Home Away / VRBO
They don't provide us with information about the existing Reservations. In fact you will need to add the reservations from VRBO in FantasticStay before the connection is established

To help you keep your Reservations history in FantasticStay we have the option for Excel reservation import. You can find it in our Apps section.

Check our tutorial here: Excel Reservation Import 

Here is how to export your reservations from different platforms :

Go to Manage -> Accounting then expand the Data Export and choose Reservations. Fill in the date range and click the Download Csv button on the top right side.

Go to Reservations. Choose between Completed, Upcoming or All and then hit Export -> Download as .Csv
Go to Reservations. Choose the range and hit the Download button on the top right.

Home Away/ VRBO 
Go to Calendars-> Reservations then hit Import/Export and then Export Reservation data. Choose the range and Submit.

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