Using FantasticStay support resources

Using FantasticStay support resources

Currently FantasticStay provides several type of support resources:


Once you start using FantasticStay, we strongly recommend to check the documentation section of our site. It contains a lot of information that will be crucial for you in setting up your system and using it effectively. We are always ready to help, but most of the time, any information that you might need regarding how to configure your system, is already available in the documentation.

Support ticketing sytem (requires additional registration)

Sometimes the documentation might not be enough and it is best to contact our Support staff directly. You can do that by writing directly to support-at-fantasticstay-dot-com, but we advice you to use the support ticketing system. There you could have full view over your communication with Support and your tickets will automatically be forwarded to the team or person, which is best suited to help you, thus saving you time.
To use the support ticketing system, you need to register - please use the email address with which you registered your address (e.g.

Once inside, use the "Submit a ticket" button to create a new ticket and fill in the information. Please make sure to provide as much information as possible. Also, before submitting, make sure to check the Related articles section on the page, that is automatically populated according to your questions

Live chat (available in Pro+ plans)

If you are a Pro plan user or above, you can contact Support via chat directly from your site. Just click on the question mark in the lower left corner and choose the Chat with us option.

FantasticStay's support chat is available in business days (Mo-Fri) 01AM - 06PM CST / 08AM - 12AM CET

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